• The Ulcer Center at JVAI specifically concentrates on venous ulcers which are due to chronic venous insufficiency.  Patients with vein disease may present with spider veins, leg swelling or edema, varicose veins, skin discoloration, healed or open leg ulcers.  Click Play Button

    All of these conditions are treated at JVAI, however the patients with venous ulcer disease or a history of ulcers are the specialty of the Ulcer Center.  Patients are initially evaluated with venous ultrasound to identify sources of high pressure in the skin veins. State of the art techniques are then used to correct these problems and restore normal function of the venous system allowing the ulcers to heal or remain healed. We have welcomed patients from all over the US and even abroad.

    Our services are generally covered by Medicare and private insurances.

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